Employee Education Fairs

An education fair is a joint effort through a contact of KCCAP and the HR Professional. The KCCAP contact will invite the active membership to come to your site and set-up tables to distribute college materials to employees. The KCCAP contact may also assist in providing promotional materials to increase participation amongst employees.

There is little to no cost associated with setting up an education fair. Some costs incurred by the business or organization of the HR Professional in past events have been advertising, facility set-up and tear down, as well as food and drinks for college representatives and employees that attend. It is up to the HR Professional on what is provided for the college representatives and/or participants.

The KCCAP contact and HR Professional would determine the best date and time to hold the fair according to shift changes, holidays, time of year, etc. Typically, education fairs work best over the lunch periods (11:30a-1:00p) and the colleges/universities can set up tables where they are most visible.

The HR Professional has the right to invite whomever he/she wishes. Though the KCCAP contact can only provide attendance information from those who are KCCAP members. The HR Professional will be responsible for contacting and inviting the non-member. It would be expected for the non-member to abide by the KCCAP Statement of Good Practices, which should be received on the day of the event. If the HR Professional wishes to provide the KCCAP contact with the contact information to the invited non-member that is to his/her discretion.

If you do not already have a KCCAP contact please see our Contact page to make a general inquiry. If you are interested in setting up an Education Fair please use the inquiry form at the bottom of this page and a representative from KCCAP will contact you.

Having a contact with KCCAP will save you time spent organizing the education fair. Through many years of experience, KCCAP has access to resources and information to assist in scheduling an education fair.
It allows the exposure to many different and unique colleges and degree programs that are in the KC Metro area that you or your employees may not have considered.
It promotes higher education and reimbursement programs amongst your employees.

  • Consider the education level required for employment at your organization. KCCAP has members with all levels of education levels.
  • Space and tables to provide for KCCAP members (please discuss with the KCCAP contact suggestions for alternative ways to schedule a fair if you cannot provide adequate space or tables).
  • Providing the KCCAP contact a copy of your reimbursement plan.
  • Have multiple dates in mind to accommodate your schedule and KCCAP member schedules and set several weeks in advance for time for advertisement and promotion of the event.

  • KCCAP is looking to expand its professional development to include our HR constituents.
  • Build strong relationships between your business organization and higher education institutions.
  • Expose your employees to different venues of higher education and possible placement in your organization.

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